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Only a well-rested staff are able to perform their duties conscientiously and meticulously. Although this is obviously true for all workplaces, it is crucial in passenger transport, for our coach drivers and for crews and pilots of airlines alike. Therefore, we make our coaches available for crew transfers from and to Munich Airport, carrying crew members from the airport to the hotel and vice versa. So the crews do not have to waste time waiting for a bus or bother each time about a transport solution - for a relaxing and restful stopover.

Numerous prestigious airlines already take advantage of this service at the Munich hub, for example Lufthansa and Emirates.

Our fleet of vehicles includes minibuses, coaches of various capacities and huge double decker buses to suit all requirements and crew sizes.

We are strongly committed to a service-oriented approach, reliability and punctuality. Take advantage of our transport services to ensure that your crews always arrive on time.

Expertise and understanding

As a passenger transport provider we understand your needs

Autobus Oberbayern is a leading provider of passenger transport services on every scale and a specialist in travel logistics operating in South Germany. We provide the complete planning, coordination and execution of transport services to suit any of your requirements.

We offer you comprehensive support and competent bespoke consultancy services delivered by one of our specialists. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on a fleet of modern coaches, excellent well-trained coach drivers and high safety standards. We can manage projects that no one else can carry out.

Entrust your crews to good hands.

The facts

We are your reliable partner for transport services
  • Bespoke Advice
    We are committed to a confidential communication with our clients. We offer you comprehensive support and competent consultancy services provided by our experienced specialists. You will benefit from a direct communication with a specialist who is competent for the transport services you are looking for. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly submit you a quote tailored to suit your requirements and needs.
  • Modern Fleet
    On average, our coaches are less than 3 years old. Therefore, you will always get aboard a very modern vehicle, whether it is a minibus, a coach or a huge double decker bus. You will appreciate the comfort, the service quality and the safety standards.
  • Extensive experience gained over decades
    Since the company was set up in 1890, we have carried people on most varied occasions, including small celebrations and big events. We combine extensive experience gained in many years with an uncompromising customer orientation. Therefore, you can be assured of excellent services.

Our fleet of vehicles

Our fleet of modern coaches meets highest safety and comfort standards. Furthermore, since we are committed to providing environmentally friendly services, our vehicles comply with the applicable emissions and air pollution regulation.

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We take you everywhere

We are dedicated to transport services
gegründet 1890

Our historic company has stood for absolute reliability and an unflinching customer-oriented approach for more than 130 years. Our management combines experience and forward thinking. An uncompromising focus on safety and quality characterises our services.

Der Motor unseres Unternehmens

Without our dedicated employees, we would nicely get stuck on the road. It is our staff that makes our company a leading partner for passenger transport in South Germany.

Wir bringen Sie von A nach B

No matter whether you need a limousine, a classic coach, a modern coach or a luxury executive coach, our fleet of vehicles provides the latest and safest models to suit every purpose and occasion. All our vehicles undergo constantly careful maintenance and are continuously replaced. Therefore, you can always benefit from the latest innovations in the sector. Whatever your requirements and needs may be, you will find a suitable coach in our fleet.

Coach hire for crew transfers

Autobus Oberbayern is the leading coach operator in Munich. We are experts for coach hire and passenger transport as well as specialists in travel logistics operating in the southern part of Germany. Our clients and passengers benefit from bespoke consultancy services and support, a modern fleet of vehicles and ample experience gained over several decades.

We provide coach hire for the transport of airline crews to meet any requirements and needs.

As your professional partner, we will take care of the safe and hassle-free transport of your crew members from Munich Airport to the hotel and vice versa. We will pick your crew up at the airport and take them back there in a reliable and timely manner.

Autobus Oberbayern provides coach hire, including the coach, for almost every occasion. We look forward to receiving your enquiry. Take advantage of our excellent services. Our motto is:

“There is no such thing as can’t”