Sustainability Policy of 
Autobus Oberbayern

Corporate Social Responsibility

For us such terms as climate and environmental protection, sustainable business operations and environmental awareness are more than mere lip services. Autobus Oberbayern is aware of its responsibility towards clients, employees and the environment. Travelling by bus means opting for a mode of transport with an excellent carbon footprint. Buses are a particularly eco-friendly means of transport in terms of carbon dioxide emissions per passenger. Nevertheless, Autobus Oberbayern is strongly committed to proactively making further contributions to the fight against climate change and environmental protection. The sustainable use of the resources of our planet and reasonable business decision-making, taking into consideration ecological aspects and impacts, characterise our daily work.

Electric Car fleet
Our car fleet consists exclusively of environmentally friendly battery-powered vehicles. We are already planning to phase out our existing fleet of conventional coaches in favour of electric buses.
Digitalisation of the Processes
Thanks to the progressive digitalisation of the business processes, we are able to reduce continually the amount of paper used in our offices.
Low Emission Coaches
When acquiring new vehicles, the management of Autobus Oberbayern always take into account the applicable emission regulation and standards focusing on the fuel efficiency of the available options.
Energy Saving Measures at our Locations
At all bus depots of Autobus Oberbayern, we have implemented various measures aimed at reducing the energy consumption and prudently using the natural resources. To cite only a few examples of the environmentally friendly solutions put in place at our locations: installation of solar panels to heat the water, thermal insulation with energy-efficient glazing for windows and glass fronts, energy-saving LED lighting and rainwater recycling for our vehicle wash facilities.

We Take You Everywhere

Coach Trips with Autobus Oberbayern
Founded in 1890

For more than 130 years, our company, steeped in tradition, has combined reliability and focus on customer needs. Our thinking is based on both experience and an innovative approach. Our services are characterised by safety and a high quality. We are passionate about and love what we do.

The driving force of our company

We offer suitable coaches of various sizes for any occasion: carrying a group of 50 persons to the airport, 5,000 persons from 50 hotels to a congress or 50,000 persons to the football stadium or even taking a VIP in a luxury saloon to the red carpet.

We take you from A to B

We offer suitable coaches of various sizes for any occasion: carrying a group of 50 persons to the airport, 5,000 persons from 50 hotels to a congress or 50,000 persons to the football stadium or even taking a VIP in a luxury saloon to the red carpet.

Our Corporate Values

For a successful business

We have laid down a series of core values for the Autobus Oberbayern Group that govern the collaboration between colleagues and the relationship with clients and partners. This set of values provides guidance for doing business.

As a team, we can put trust in and rely on each other. However, we are strongly committed to personal responsibility in everything we do. A respectful attitude towards clients and business partners as well as in the interaction between colleagues is essential for us. We are striving to communicate with honesty and in a transparent manner. Controversies are resolved in frank discussions. In our reasoning, we take into consideration the client’s point of view to provide always the best solution. We not only meet the expectations of our clients, but exceed them. This helps us build trust and confidence among our customers.

We provide transport services of the highest standard to our clients. The outstanding quality of our services and the competencies and skills of our employees are the pillars of our business success. With our expertise in coach travel being second to none, we can justifiably pretend to be among the best in the sector. Although being proud of our achievements, we are always eager to tackle new challenges. We are strongly committed and dedicated to providing every day top performances in order to perpetuate our company’s success story that has lasted more than hundred years.

We are aware of our responsibility towards clients, employees and the environment. Our vision involves more than only profitability targets. When making a business decision, we always take into consideration environmental issues. Our attitude towards our employees is characterised by respect, tolerance and understanding. Being committed to ensuring equal opportunities and a balanced composition of the staff, we provide best conditions for the personal fulfilment and professional development of our employees. We are open to and encourage innovations. Individual achievements and performances are always appreciated.

Our attitude towards clients, business partners and employees is characterised by honesty and frankness. We strive to build lasting relationships. We honour commitments and keep our promises. Although being aware of our strengths, we act in a fair and sincere manner. We provide services to the highest standards based on a meticulous in-depth analysis. Every single member of staff is strongly committed to providing reliable services for the benefit of clients and colleagues.