Scheduled bus services in Munich

Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG)

As one of the most important partners of the “Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG)“ Company, which runs the Munich public transport network, we are involved in the coordination and operation of the city’s scheduled bus services, both in the urban area and in the surroundings.

Our buses are running on numerous routes within the public transport network. The successful partnership between Autobus Oberbayern and the “MVG” has existed for several decades.

Regional scheduled bus services at lake “Tegernsee”

We are operating bus routes at lake “Tegernsee”

Autobus Oberbayern is running bus lines at Lake “Tegernsee” as a partner of the “Regionalverkehr Oberbayern GmbH (RVO)” Public Transport Company.

On behalf of the “RVO“, we are operating scheduled bus services in the area of Lake “Tegernsee” and thereby connecting the towns and villages of the region. The punctual and reliable services and the high safety standards of Autobus Oberbayern benefit both the local population and visitors.

Long-distance bus services to and from Prague

As a service provider for Flixbus

Autobus Oberbayern operates the long-distance route from Munich to Prague and vice versa on behalf of the Flixbus Operator.

Daily, five buses run on the route, seven days a week.

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